• Python (3.9 or later)


Install the latest release using pip:

# core installation
$ pip install pycontrails

# install with all optional dependencies
$ pip install "pycontrails[complete]"

Install the latest development version directly from GitHub:

$ pip install git+

Optional Dependencies

The pycontrails package uses optional dependencies for specific features:

# install all non-development optional dependencies
$ pip install "pycontrails[complete]"

# install specific optional dependencies
$ pip install "pycontrails[dev]"      # Development dependencies
$ pip install "pycontrails[docs]"     # Documentation / Sphinx dependencies
$ pip install "pycontrails[ecmwf]"    # ECMWF datalib interfaces
$ pip install "pycontrails[gcp]"      # Google Cloud Platform caching interface
$ pip install "pycontrails[gfs]"      # GFS datalib interfaces
$ pip install "pycontrails[jupyter]"  # Jupyter notebook and lab interface
$ pip install "pycontrails[vis]"      # Polygon construction methods and plotting support
$ pip install "pycontrails[zarr]"     # Load data from remote Zarr stores

# These packages may not support the latest python version
# and are excluded from "complete"
$ pip install "pycontrails[open3d]"   # Polyhedra contruction methods

See [project.optional-dependencies] in pyproject.toml for the latest optional dependencies.

Pre-built wheels

Wheels for common platforms are available on PyPI. Currently, wheels are available for:

  • Linux (x86_64)

  • macOS (x86_64 and arm64)

  • Windows (x86_64)

It’s possible to build the wheels from source using Cython and a C compiler with the usual pip install process. The source distribution on PyPI includes the C files, so it’s not necessary to have Cython installed to build from source.


Some features of pycontrails are written as extensions that can be added manually:


This extension is private due to license restrictions

pycontrails-bada is an extension to interface with BADA aircraft performance data.

pip install "pycontrails-bada @ git+ssh://"


This extension is private due to license restrictions

pycontrails-cirium is an extension to the Cirium database of jet engines.

pip install "pycontrails-cirium @ git+ssh://"


Interface to DLR / UMadrid ACCF model using a forked version of the climaccf repository.

pip install "climaccf @ git+ssh://"