Contributions (bug reports, fixes, documentation, enhancements, ideas, …) are welcome and appreciated.

To get started, find the best path for your contribution:

  • Ask questions, discuss models, and present ideas in Discussions.

  • Report bugs or suggest changes as Issues.

  • Contribute fixes or improvements as Pull Requests.

Please follow the Github Community Guidelines when participating in any of these forums.

The following emulates the xarray contributing guidelines.

Contributing to documentation

Documentation is written in reStructuredText and synthesized with Sphinx.

For small changes, fork and edit files directly in the Github interface.

For larger changes:

# docs build to directory docs/_build/html
$ make docs-build

Contributing to the code base

If you are new to development, see xarray’s Working with the code. This reference provides an introduction to version control, git, Github, Forking, and creating branches.

For more involved changes, create a Github Issue describing the intended changes first.

Once you’re ready to develop:

$ make test